Dissolution of Redevelopment

Dissolving the City's Redevelopment Agency

At the January 17, 2012, City Council meeting, per State law as adjudicated by the California Supreme Court, the city took steps to dissolve the city’s Redevelopment Agency, effective February 1. One of these steps was the city’s decision to become the “successor agency” to the Redevelopment Agency. As successor agency, the city receives the assets, properties, contracts, leases, and records of the agency for the purpose of winding up all of the agency’s obligations and affairs, subject to monitoring and in some cases approval of an Oversight Board. These obligations and affairs include but are not limited to completing and paying off existing contracts, such as for public works construction projects that are currently in progress; maintaining properties owned by the Agency, subject to the potential selling off of assets as part of the elimination of redevelopment; and defeasing existing bonds (i.e. pay off the bonds without receiving any revenue.

Housing Assets & Functions

The City Council also decided to assume the housing assets and functions formerly held by the Agency and maintain local control of the city’s affordable housing program rather than transferring this responsibility to the California State Department of Housing Community Development. Upon termination of the Agency, remaining affordable housing programs and functions will consist of the management of existing land assets purchased for redevelopment as affordable housing, management of the Agency's existing below market rate unit inventory, and management of the existing inventory of below market rate and market rate loans. This includes property acquired by the Agency for affordable housing and ultimately includes a transfer of monies on deposit in the Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund.

Housing Successor Reporting

Successor Agencies

The City Council acts as the city as the successor agency to the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency Board.

The City Manager acts as the Executive Director as Successor Agency to the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency and the City Attorney acts as the Successor Agency’s General Counsel.

Successor Agencies



Former Emeryville Redevelopment Agency

The Emeryville Redevelopment Agency was the governmental body responsible for directing and overseeing the goals and objectives of the city's redevelopment plans: the Emeryville Redevelopment Plan, adopted in 1976 and the Shellmound Park Redevelopment Plan, adopted in 1987.

Together, the 2 project areas covered approximately 95% of the city. The only major areas in the city not included in the redevelopment project areas are the marina area and the Watergate Condominiums.


In accordance with California Community Redevelopment Law, the objectives of the Redevelopment Plans were to:
  • Eliminate economic, social, physical, and visual blight
  • Provide for economic revitalization
  • Preserve and improve existing residential areas
  • Establish a more beneficial mix of land uses
  • Restore the public infrastructure
To further these objectives, the Agency implemented programs to improve the quality of existing housing, build new low- and moderate-income housing, and support the redevelopment of vacant and underutilized / deteriorated properties within the redevelopment project areas.