Marketplace Redevelopment Project

On August 5, 2008, the City Council approved final passage of an ordinance creating a Planned Unit Development for the Marketplace Redevelopment project. The project involves redevelopment of the existing Marketplace site with a phased development consisting of 674 multi-family residential units, 180,000 square feet of retail, and 120,000 square feet of office. 

The project will allow the 15-acre project site to be substantially redeveloped via the replacement of surface level parking; realignment of Shellmound Street directly in front of the Marketplace Tower and Public Market buildings; addition of 2 new street segments with on-street parking (62nd and 63rd Streets); addition of nine new buildings within the site; and an enlarged City Park.

This is one of the largest mixed use development projects ever approved in Emeryville. The project is also the first in the nation to receive “Platinum” status (the highest rating) under the U.S. Green Building Council’s “LEED for Neighborhood Development” (LEED-ND) pilot program.

A number of ordinances and resolutions are available for public review. The various sections of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), and the Response to Comments(RTC) can be viewed at the Draft EIR and Response to Comments page.

Current Status

Final Development Plan (FDP) applications have been approved for Parcel A (Residential Building), Parcel B (Office and R&D Building), Parcel C (Commercial and Residential Building), Parcel D (Residential Building) and Parcel E (Christie Park). Construction is complete for Parcels C, D and E. No building permits have been received for Parcel A and Parcel B.

For more information please contact Senior Planner, Miroo Desai, at 510-596-3785 or