Emergency Services - Police

Drug Hotline - 510-596-3784
This line serves as an anonymous tip line for suspected drug activity and criminal activity. This line is checked daily by the Detective Division.

This line is not to be used for crimes in progress or 911 calls.

This service is available on Thursdays for residents needing fingerprints for certifications, classes, or employment purposes. This service is also available for nonresidents for a fee. For more information, call 510-596-3712.

If you want to find out what type of criminal activity is occurring in the area or at a specific address, this information can be extracted from the database for you. Some stat runs will require a fee. For more information, call 510-596-3735.

Youth Diversion Program
This program's intent is to deter 1st-time offenders from committing other offenses and to divert them from the Juvenile Justice System. The program is designed to have the juvenile offender pay back to the community for the public resources used and additionally for the merchant's time and trouble. For more information, call 510-596-3718.