Below Market Rate Ownership Program

Income Limits

In order to qualify for a moderate- or low-income unit, your income must fall below the 2020 maximum limits, based on the current Area Median Income (AMI) for Alameda County.

Maximum Allowable Household Incomes

Moderate Income
(120% of AMI) 
 Median Income
(100% of AMI) 
 $83,450  $95,350  $107,300 $119,200
Low Income
(80% of AMI)

Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Program

A Below-Market-Rate (BMR) unit is a unit that is priced to be affordable to households that are moderate income or below. Moderate income is defined as an annual income of 120% or less of the AMI, and varies depending on the number of people in the household. AMI is adjusted every year. Usually, the BMR price is lower than the prices of other units in the same development that are being sold on the open market. Sometimes BMR units are priced for and restricted to households that are low income (80% or less of AMI) or median income (100% or less of AMI). BMR owners must occupy the unit as a primary residence. For more information on BMR units, please read this PDF.

Current Available Units

For details on any BMR units currently for sale, please visit

New Housing Notification List

When you sign up for the New Housing Notification List, you will receive emails about newly constructed affordable homes in Emeryville, including rental and ownership units. Emails come directly from the developers. Be advised that emails could end up in recipients’ spam folders.

At this time, there are some new BMR rental units under construction; however, there are no new BMR ownership units under construction or expected to be constructed in the near future.