40th and San Pablo Bus Hub Concept Design

40th and San Pablo Project Logo

The City of Emeryville has developed a 40th Street Concept Plan to create bus-only lanes (one by converting the westbound mixed-flow lane to bus-only), a two-way bikeway on the north side of the street, bicycle-pedestrian intersection improvements, bus stop improvements including passenger boarding areas, and streetscaping with opportunities for green infrastructure (natural storm water treatment) and public art.

On July 9, 2019, the City Council approved a Conceptual Design Memorandum and directed staff to consider modifications to the design.  On March 3, 2020, the Council approved the 40th and San Pablo Bus Hub Project Final Report and added items to the approval resolution for consideration in the final engineering design phase. The appendices to the Memorandum describe Community Outreach, Existing Conditions, Range of Alternatives considered, and Funding Strategy.

A traffic study estimates that these changes would reduce eastbound bus travel times by 1.5 minutes during the evening rush hour. They would increase westbound auto and truck travel times by 1.2 minutes during the evening rush hour and 1.0 minutes during the morning rush hour. The video below   shows evening rush hour traffic on 40th Street with the project.  It begins looking west from the 40th and Adeline Street intersection. 

Video 40thPlusProjectPM from City of Emeryville on Vimeo.