Measure B / Measure BB/Vehicle Registration Fee


In November 2000, Alameda County voters approved Measure B, a 0.5% sales tax, to deliver essential transportation improvement and services. In November 2014 voters approved Measure BB which provided for a 30 year extension of the 0.5% sales tax and an additional 0.5% to bring it up to a 1% sales tax.  In November 2010, Alameda County voters approved the Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) Program, thereby authorizing the collection of an annual vehicle registration fee starting in May 2011.  Funds raised by the VRF Program are for local transportation purposes in Alameda County.

For any questions, contact Public Works at 510-596-4330.

Funding Allocations

Each year, the City of Emeryville receives approximately:

  • $500,000 in Measure BB funding to improve and maintain our local streets and roads
  • $50,000 in measure BB funding to construct and upgrade pedestrian and bicycle facilities
  • $60,000 in measure BB funding for paratransit assistance to aid in the mobility of seniors and persons with impairments
  • $45,000 in Vehicle Registration Fee funding to reduce congestion and vehicle pollution.

Recent Measure B / Measure BB / Vehicle Registration Projects

  • 2016 Street Rehabilitation Project - Crack Seal and Digout Repair
    • 46th Street (east of Adeline)
    • 45th Street (between Hollis and San Pablo Avenue and east of Adeline)
    • 44th Street (east of Adeline), 43rd Street (east of Adeline)
    • 42nd Street (east of Adeline), 41st Street (east of Adeline)
    • Adeline Street (between 40th and San Pablo Avenue)
    • Stanford Avenue (east of Hollis)
    • 55th Street
    • Doyle Street (south of Powell)
    • Beaudry Street (south of Powell)
    • Vallejo Street (south of Powell)
    • 59th (east of Horton)
    • 61st Street
    • 64th Street (east of Overland)
    • 65th Street (UPRR of Emeryville Greenway)
    • Powell Street (between I-80 and the Powell Street Overhead)
    • Shellmound Street (between Temescal Creek and Shellmound Way
    • Christie Avenue (between Shellmound Street and 65th)
  • 2017/2018 Street Rehabilitation and Preventive Maintenance Project - Phase 1

    • Shellmound Street (40th Street Bridge to Shellmound Way)
    • Christie Avenue (Powell Street to 100’ N/O Shellmound Way)
    • Powell Street (I-80 EB Ramps to Powell Street Bridge)
    • Christie Avenue Class I Bike Path (Powell Street to Shellmound Street)
    • Horton Street Class IV Bikeway (53rd Street to 59th Street)

2018 - Shellmound Restriping

  • 2017/2018 Street Rehabilitation and Preventive Maintenance Project - Phase 2

    • 67th Street (UPRR - City Limits)
    • 66th Street (UPRR - City Limits)
    • 65th Street (Shellmound - Greenway Park)
    • 64th Street (Overland - Vallejo)
    • 61st Street (Hollis - Vallejo)
    • 59th Street (Horton - Vallejo)
    • Haruff Street
    • Stanford Avenue (Hollis - Vallejo)
    • 55th Street (Doyle - Vallejo)
    • Vallejo North Of Powell (Ocean - Powell)
    • Vallejo South Of Powell (Powell - 55th)
    • Peladeau Street (Powell - Stanford)
    • Doyle Street (Powell - 55th)
    • Beaudry Street (Powell - 55th)
    • Shellmound Street (65th - City Limits)
    • Shellmound Way
    • 45th Street (Hollis - San Pablo)
    • Park Avenue (Halleck - San Pablo)
    • Halleck Street (Park – City Limits)
    • Hubbard Street (Park - 40th)
    • Horton Street (Sherwin - 40th)
    • Holden Street (45th - 40th)
    • City Civic Center Parking Lot
    • Haven Street (Park - 40th)
    • Harlan Street (Park - 40th)
    • Watts Street (Park - 40th)
    • Emery Street (Park - 40th)
    • 46th Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • 45th Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • 44th Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • 43rd Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • 42nd Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • 41st Street (Adeline - City Limits)
    • Adeline Street (San Pablo - 40th)
    • Peralta Street (City Limits - Macarthur)

Measure B - Telfer

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Summary

Pass Through Funds 

The City of Emeryville uses Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety funds from the Measure BB tax and Vehicle Registration Fees to support the annual Bike to Work Day event and to install bicycle parking facilities such as racks and lockers; bike fix-it stations; construct and maintain bicycle facilities and improve intersection pedestrian phase timing. These funds help to create a more bike and pedestrian friendly city by providing dependable and consistent revenue for projects.

The following improvements were performed in 2018-2019 fiscal year using Measure B/BB Direct Local Distribution Funds:

  • Pedestrian traffic signal improvements and maintenance at various intersections.
  • Bicycle Boulevard signage for improved wayfinding
  • Class II buffered bikeway striping and paving on Shellmound Street
  • Pedestrian infrastructure Maintenance

2018 - Shellmound Bike LT

Bike to Work Day

Alameda County Measure B and BB Funds Pedestrian and Bicycle projects and programs. Bike to Work Day is funded in large part by Alameda County’s ½ cent sales tax Measure BB, passed in 2014.  Part of these funds go toward bicycle and pedestrian transportation programs, as well as other facilities such as crossing signals. The City of Emeryville sponsors 5 Energizer Stations on Bike to Work Day every year, using a portion of these funds.

City of Emeryville staff organized and staffed the 2019 annual Bike to Work Day event, with a total of 860 cyclists counted. Thirty-eight people staffed four Energizer Station locations, 28 of those volunteers from 11 businesses, the rest being City staff, BPAC and other individual volunteers.  Local businesses donated food and gave away prizes, in addition to the Bike East Bay organized gifts and commemorative Bike to Work Day bags.

Mark your calendars for 2020 Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 14h.  From 7:00-9:00 a.m., when volunteers will cheer on cyclists at 4 locations with free refreshments and cycling-swag goodies. 

Check our bike/pedestrian program page for the latest on Bike to Work Day 2020.

Measure B/BB funds are also what enable the City to install bike racks when needed around town.

Michael40thSPAACTCMagneticSign40thSPANot Riding Yet?  

Many cyclists became bike-commuters on Bike to Work Day, and many have benefited from the free classes offered for novice or experienced cyclists.  Many topics are covered, but safety is always center stage.  Bike East Bay provides lots of free online videos and FREE classes:  Learn how to bike with your children, secure your bike properly, ride in the rain, haul your stuff and lots more.

Be Ready for any Conditions: 

  • Always wear a helmet
  • At night, dress in light colors, use a white light in front, red in back
  • Consider adding a rack and side bag or basket for hauling your stuff
  • For no-excuse biking-in-the-rain, consider wearing rain pants, in addition to your rain jacket and hood or helmet cover 

Bike to Work Day is organized by Bike East Bay -

For more information on Alameda County Transportation Commission’s other projects supported by Measure B, Measure BB, and the Vehicle Registration Fee please see links below:

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