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Climate Action Plan 2.0 Update

On November 15th, 2016, Emeryville City Council approved and adopted the Climate Action Plan 2.0. The City of Emeryville is the first city in the Bay Area to update their Climate Action Plan and align their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets with the State of California’s climate targets. The CAP 2.0 includes updates to Emeryville’s 2008 Climate Action Plan, looking towards state targets for reducing 40% below baseline levels of GHG emissions by 2030 and 80% below baseline levels by 2050.

The CAP 2.0 meets the compliance for the Global Covenant of Mayors, a platform for standardizing climate change action planning for local city governments and demonstrating local commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The CAP 2.0 contains GHG targets, updated GHG community and municipal inventories, business-as-usual GHG forecast, deep decarbonization vision for 2050, adaptation and mitigation action plans, and a monitoring plan.

With 17 mitigation goals, 5 adaptation goals, and over 100 combined initiatives for 2030, and 5 long-term strategies for 2050, this CAP 2.0 represents a strong step in reducing emissions and building climate resilience!

The CAP 2.0 and relevant materials, including the Climate Action Plan methodology, can be accessed in the resources below. The complete GHG inventory reports and climate initiatives can be found in the Implementation Plan.