Street Trees

Street Tree Planting Project

This project promotes beautification by planting street trees. Street trees are good for communities in many ways because these trees: 

  • Raise property values
  • Create privacy
  • Reduce the impact of the wind
  • Lower temperatures in the summer
  • Absorb air pollution
  • Lessen noise from the streets and highways
  • Make Emeryville look nice

For more information, contact Public Works at (510) 596-4330.

Tree Preservation

The city is actively promoting the on-going program to replace current trees, provide for installation of new trees, improve tree wells, and replace tree grating. In an average year, the city loses 5-7 trees to automobile knock-downs or pest infections. 

The city has also identified several areas where new street trees can be added, in addition to the resident requests we receive for new installations. The City Council has placed priority on our community preservation and beautification. This project will provide funds to add, upgrade, and replace street trees in the city's rights of way and public parks.

For more information, view the Tree Preservation and Sidewalk Repair Ordinance.