Major Projects

Current Progress Report/Current Projects

The Community Development Department creates monthly Progress Reports that document updates on current projects. It also creates a project bar chart and the document Status of Major Development Projects to provide more information on larger Planning projects. Please click the link below to view the most up-to-date documents, or view the section below to find past documents.

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The Monthly Progress Report describes all of the activities of the Planning and Building Department over the past month, from large projects to small permits.

The Project Bar Chart shows a compressed view of the current status of major development projects in the city, along with a few details about the project. The last page of this chart is a map showing the locations of these projects.  

Status of Major Development Projects This document gives a history of the project's status, including the date of each approval and what the project entails, as well as a contact name and phone number. The last page of this table is a map showing the locations of these projects.

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Archived Progress Reports / Past Projects

The city's archives contain past issues of each of the following monthly documents. Please click the link to see archived copies of each document