What is a General Plan?

Every county and city in California is required by state law to have a General Plan, and the plan is required to be up to date. The General Plan discusses the city's goals, policies, and implementation actions regarding future development.

The City Council adopted the Emeryville General Plan on October 13, 2009.

Goals & Elements
Goals and elements of the plan include:
  • Preservation and enhancement of existing neighborhoods
  • Four neighborhood centers to serve local community needs
  • Regional retail district along 40th and Shellmound Streets
  • Transit-oriented development at Amtrak and at 40th/San Pablo
  • Redevelopment of shopping centers into vibrant urban neigborhoods
  • Expanded street grid emphasizing alternative modes of travel and pedestrian amenities
  • Two large community parks with playing fields
  • An east-west greenway celebrating Temescal Creek
  • Gateways to the city on Powell Street and San Pablo Avenue
  • Sustainability and design excellence throughout Emeryville
Purpose of the Plan
The plan is the result of broad public outreach by the General Plan Update Steering Committee. Through surveys, multiple workshops, and monthly meetings, community issues and desires were documented and later used as references while developing the plan. As the Plan evolved it was tested for impacts on various factors including traffic and the city's economic stability.