Department Contacts

Alarm Permits


All commercial businesses located in the city must obtain an alarm permit prior to installing and operating an alarm system.

Animal Control


The Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcement of all state and city ordinances relating to animals, including picking up and transporting sick or injured animals, investigating barking dog complaints, issuing citations and warnings for leash and licensing violations, and investigating cases of animal cruelty.

Dog Licenses


Dog licenses are $15 for 1 year or $25 for 3 years and may be obtained at the Emeryville PD Police Services front counter Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination.


Drug Activity Hotline

This line serves as an anonymous tip line for suspected drug activity, and criminal activity. This line is checked daily by the detective division. This line is NOT to be used for crimes in progress or 911 calls.


This service is available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for certifications, classes or employment purposes.

Graffiti Hotline

This line serves as an anonymous tip line for people to report graffiti locations throughout the city.

Property & Evidence

As part of the Criminal Investigations section, the property and evidence department is staffed by a Police Services Technician who oversees the collection, handling, storage and inventory of all property and evidence.

To inquire about property and evidence in the custody of the department you may contact a police services technician.

Vehicle Abatement

If you have an abandoned car in your neighborhood, which has been sitting over 72 hours, you may schedule an appointment to speak with a traffic officer.

Security Survey

A security survey analyzes the building and premises and makes recommendations on how to increase the level of security.

Citizen Complaints

If a citizen has a legitimate complaint about the conduct of any employee of the Emeryville Police Department, they are encouraged to contact the department.