Paid Parking


Beginning in 2021, Emeryville is using paid parking to encourage turnover in parking spaces in front of businesses.
 Meters will be operational February 1 2021:

  • Monday through Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • free parking 5:00 pm to 9:00 am
  • free parking on weekends.

There are two pricing schemes for on-street paid parking: 2 hours zones for general parking, and 15-minute pickup/drop off zones.

Commercial 2 hour free zone Extend Stay at a Premium: 
$2 Dollars per hour for the first 2 Hours, $7 Dollars an Hour for the following 3-8 Hours
 Rates are:

  • $2 per hour for the first 2 hours ($0.50 per 15 minutes)
  • $7 per hour for the following 3-8 hours ($1.75 per 15 minutes)

The rate of $2 per hour is comparable to other city parking programs in the area. The increase to $7 per hour for time after 2 hours is to allow people who are running late or who place a greater value on parking in high-demand areas to have an option to pay to park for longer, rather than face a citation for parking longer than 2 hours. An individual who parks at a metered space for a full 8-hour day would pay $46 for the day, which is less than the cost of a ticket for parking at an expired meter ($58) but more than the cost of parking in any Emeryville parking garages. This arrangement provides patrons a choice.

Cars parked in meter areas designated by the Emeryville Municipal Code in Section 4-10.2, whether controlled by single or dual space meters or pay stations/Kiosks, must pay the fee for the time they will be staying. Payment can be made at the meter/kiosk or by cellular phone using ParkMobile. Both payment options use “pay by plate”, and are described further below. Paid parking spaces in commercial districts near businesses are intended for visitors’ use during business hours. It is expected that both residents and employees of the businesses, or those in the surrounding areas, will park in underutilized parking lots, garages, or unmetered curb spaces. If business employee parking impacts residential areas, residents can request residential permits for their neighborhoods as described here and explained further below.

Pickup/Drop Off: $0.50 for 15 minutes
In limited locations, 15 minute pickup zones are metered where patrons cannot stay for more than 15 minutes. Specifically, this pilot program is intended for food ordering, pickup, and delivery and/or commercial deliveries at:

  • Patatas (3986 Adeline Street)
  • HipHop Café (3960 Adeline Street)

These businesses are offering quick serve dining or pickup and delivery with a limited stay. Customers will face citations if they stay more than 15 minutes and should find parking elsewhere if their visit may be longer. Customers can pay up to $0.50 for 15 minutes and any increment of minutes under 15, at $0.10 for every 3 minutes.

Emery park

There are two “Parking Meter Zones” in Emeryville, North Hollis and Triangle, as found in the following maps:

North Hollis
Street Curb Hollis
Street Curb Triangle1


 ParkMobile is a phone app that has four significant benefits as opposed to paying for parking at kiosks and meters:

  • As the risk of infection from touching surfaces may be high, phone apps offer touchless options
  • Patrons can pay for extra time remotely through the app, so that, if they are away from their car longer than expected, patrons can add 15 minutes or more to their paid time rather than risking a citation
  • A license plate number is entered only once and then stored, rather than needing to recall it every time payment is made
  • The app can map a route to the patron’s car

This convenience comes with a fee of $0.30 per transaction. 

For more information and to sign up go to
Pay by plate
Paid Parking in Emeryville maximizes payment convenience and access – Learn How

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Touchless payment by phone (Apple Pay, Google pay)
  • Coins (Bills are not accepted)

With any payment option at a pay station or kiosk, you must enter your license number on on the screen nearest your vehicle or do so once on your phone using the ParkMobile App.

Parking Meter Types 
There are two types of parking meters in the North Hollis and Triangle Parking Meter Zones:

Multi-Space Pay Stations or kiosks, and Single or Dual Smart Parking Meters with Sensors.

Meter Type

Multi-Space Pay Stations

The IPS Pay Station has technology that provides the ability to enter your license plate number, make payment and not have to return to your car. Here is a video on how to use them Always remember to have your license plate handy.

Useful Features:

  • A large user friendly screen makes reading messages and making payment easy with LED lighting f
  • Easy to pick the means of payment and desired time period
  • Pay stations offer payment by:
    • coins
    • credit/debit card
    • pay-by-phone, (see information about ParkMobile above)
    • contactless payment such as ApplePay or GooglePay
  • Payment for different rates can be accommodated such as if you want to park for 3 hours and are willing to pay the premium for the 3rd hour you can pay the lower rate for the first two hours and then add additional time at the higher rate.
  • Should needs for additional languages arise, multiple languages can be programed Additionally, some locations are metered with single or dual space parking meters with sensors.

Additionally, some locations are metered with single or dual space parking meters with sensors.

Single or Dual Smart Parking Meters with Sensors

The IPS Smart Meter deployed in Emeryville offers the same multiple payment options (coins, credit/debit card, pay-by-phone, and contactless payment like ApplePay or GooglePay) as the Pay Stations. However, single and dual space meters cannot be enforced with license plates readers and therefore have sensors included to manage turnover and customer access.  Click here for a demonstration of how to use IPS parking meters.

Receipts are not required for proof of payment.  You can print a receipt at the pay station if you like though it is not required.  Should you prefer an electronic PDF, forget to print, lose or pay at a meter, receipts, for those paying by credit card, can be found at

Key Features:

  • Meters, like the pay stations, accept payment by coins, credit/debit card, pay-by-phone and contactless payment (such as ApplePay or GooglePay
  • Additionally should a validation program be implemented the meters can take smart card or tokens.
  • Solar powered, a rechargeable battery pack is included
  • Sensors, mounted in the dome of the meters, reset the meter when a customer leaves and monitors stays to ensure proper pricing is applied to longer stays (this is used in the meters as there is no license plate information entered)>/li>
  • Meters allow customers to immediately access payment without having to go out of the way as possible with a pay station

Parking Permits 
Emeryville has two parking permit programs:

  • City Residential Parking Permits
  • Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) Permits

City Residential Parking Permitting Parking permits are issued to residents and businesses in live-work buildings fronting:

  • 61st Street, south side between Hollis and Doyle Streets
  • 62nd Street, north side between Overland Avenue and Doyle Street

A permit is required to legally park in the permit areas Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. Access outside these hours and days are unrestricted. Permits are valid Sept 1 to August 31 and are $63 per year per vehicle in fiscal year 2022-23. (3 vehicles allowed per household and 1 per business). Annual visitor permits are available for $163. In 2021 “Virtual Permits” associated with the vehicle’s license plate were implemented. Rather than decals or hang tags issued for these permits a license plate reader employed by the Emeryville Police Department can confirm permit holders. Short term parking without a permit is not allowed on these blocks. A permit is required to legally park in the permit areas Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. Access outside these hours and days are unrestricted (e.g., weekends, evening, early morning, and holidays). Apply for permits at

Establishing a New Zone 

New Parking Permit Program areas may be established on predominantly residential streets by application as here. Under this program, preferential parking would be established on certain street areas. To establish a parking permit program, residents must opt in, subject to the following restrictions:

a. Street must be predominantly residential, as determined by the City Manager or thier designee.

b. Parking occupancy in the general area must be at least 75% during peak parking hours.

c. A petition form, provided by the City, must be signed by 66% or more of eligible households and businesses in live-work buildings, and submitted to the office of the City Manager. Odd- and even-numbered sides of each block must file separate petitions. 

d. The City Manager or their designee will conduct a survey to determine if the street section meets the program guidelines. The petition and survey are subject to the review of the City Engineer, City Manager, Traffic Committee, and approval by City Council.

e. After approval of the petition by City Council, preferential parking will start within three months.

f. With the exception of live-work buildings, street sections fronting non-residential uses will not be subject to preferential parking.

g. If the number of requests for permits drops below 50% of eligible units, the City will consider terminating the program on the participating street.

ECCL Permitting 

Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) will be used in enforcing Employee Parking south of the Emeryville Center of Community of Life (ECCL) facility at 1100 47th St, Emeryville, CA 94608. Employees working at the ECCL are eligible for a “Virtual Permit”( (i.e. associated with the license plate number with no physical sticker). to allow parking in the permit area. These virtual permits will be piloted at ECCL to determine if ALPR provides effective enforcement even with multiple vehicles associated with an account and a cost effective elimination of wasteful decals or hang tags.

Each employee can use the permit for one of two cars associated with the permit. If the two cars are parked in the area at the same time under one permit, both vehicles are in violation. As ALPRs will be used, no physical permit will be placed on your car. The “Virtual Permits” are applied for online and when electronically processed and issued ECCL Staff will be able to park in the permit area for a year. Proof of employment and the license plate number of up to two vehicles can per registered for Virtual Permits.

Parking permits are issued to City and School District employees at the Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL), at no charge for use on:

  • 47th street, south side between San Pablo Avenue and Doyle Street
  • The ECCL campus parking lots

The program is administered at ECCL. Qualifying staff will be emailed an invitation for a virtual permit at the start of the year for annual permits If you do not receive this link or are newly employed at ECCL email Community Services Director Pedro Jimenez at to request a permit. Temporary employees may request permits for up to six months. Contractors may seek permits by contacting Director Jimenez, as above.

The area will also have 12 paid parking spaces, for public/pool use. Permit users may not park in these spaces unless they pay for meters: Monday through Friday 9:00 -5:00. Non-permit users will not be allowed to park in permit area spaces except for outside the permit area enforcement hours. Free parking is available on weekends and Monday through Friday 5:00 pm to 9:00 am. Prepayment of meters is possible so should facility users wish to start an activity at 8 a.m. but will not return to their car till 10:00 am they can pay for the hour 9:00 to 10:00 and part for free from 8:00 to 9:00 am . Any user leaving before 9:00 am do not need to pay. 

Holiday Schedule
 Holidays in the North Hollis and Triangle parking meter zones are indicated on the kiosks and meters and payment will not be taken on the following days:

  • Every Saturday
  • Every Sunday
  • January 1
  • Third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday)
  • Third Monday in February (President’s Day)
  • Last Monday in May (Memorial Day)
  • July 4
  • First Monday in September (Labor Day)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25

If any of the foregoing days, except Saturday or Sunday, falls upon a Sunday, the Monday following is a holiday.  All holidays for which payment is not needed will be clearly defined on the meter, kiosk and ParkMobile.

Street Sweeping
 Street sweeping is critical to the City’s environmental goals and residential quality of life. In some residential parts of the City, street sweeping occurs during the hours when meters are operating. Meters will be set to disallow payment during the hours of street sweeping when parking is prohibited. Street sweeping at metered spots in North Hollis is done during evening and night hours and does not affect meter operations. For the Triangle meter operations are affected by Street Sweeping. In the Triangle, on the first Thursday of each month, street sweeping is done on the north and west side of the street. The second Thursday of each month, street sweeping is done on the south and east side of the street. Street sweeping is from 8 am to 12 noon. A map of residential street sweeping area’s follows:

Street Sweeping_Dec_1

 For Citywide Street Sweeping Map click here.



Citations for parking meter and street sweeping violations (as well as any other parking violations) may be paid at https://emeryville.citationportal.comFor more information on paying a Citation see the Emeryville Police Department page at

Parking in Lots Managed by Private Entities 

 The following parking facilities are managed by private entities:

  • Emeryville Amtrak Station - 5959 Horton Street
  • Bay Street Parking Garage - 5680 Bay Street 
  • Public Market - 5959 Shellmound Street
  • Emeryville Marina - 3310 Powell Street

The City does not manage parking in these areas.  For more information on parking policies, rates and procedures in these areas, please contact the following individuals:

 The following information is provided by the City as a courtesy, and the City makes no representations as to the accuracy of this information:

  • Emeryville Amtrak Station – gate-controlled garage, no time limit, validation available in Amtrak station 

Amtrak Validation Machine Rates

•             $0.75/first hour

•             $2.00/ 2nd hour and additional hours

•             $11.00/max daily rate

 Non-validation rates 

•             $6.00/first hour

•             $8.00/ 2nd hour and additional hours

•             $30.00/max daily rate

There is no limit as to how long visitors can park, but the garage is monitored for vehicles that appear to be abandoned. If, (based on the amount of time a vehicle has remained in one parking space and the number of tickets placed on the vehicle) vehicles are determined to be abandoned by Wareham Development.  Contact the Emeryville Police Department regarding towed vehicles. 

  • Bay Street Parking Garage – Parking is managed by ParkSmart, through a pay-by-space arrangement.  Payment may be made through the kiosks, by app, or by calling 925-933-8795 x0 during business hours Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 More information is available at

 Rates are as follows without validation:

  1. First 30 minutes free – Note: still must enter license and phone
  2. 0 to 2 hours: $2.00
  3. 3 hours: $3.00 
  4. 4 hours: $4.00 
  5. 5 hours: $5.00 
  6. 6 hours: $5.00 
  7. 6+ hours (Daily): $30.00 

Validation Rates:

Barnes and Nobles Validates Parking for $3.00

AMC Theatres Validates Parking for $2.50

Time can be added on your phone and reminders sent of expiring parking.

 Hours of operation until 7 am to 1 am  

 Kiosks in April 2023 will offer three options to select from: 

  1. 30 minutes free parking      
  2. Validated Parking 
  3. Paid Parking 
  • Public Market - lots have time limits indicated by signage in the lots.   Parking is managed by Douglas Parking.  For information or 800.877.9984

Alternative Mobility Options

Not wanting to pay for parking?  Find a better way to get to Emeryville like the free Emery Go-Round shuttle or Amtrak …learn more here: 

Policy Support for Current Program

On February 19, 2019 the City Council approved the resolution adopting a framework for paid parking in the North Hollis and Triangle areas of the city.

Need more information?  Contact

Planning Efforts

Emeryville has considered paid parking for multiple areas of the City or many years and considered multiple payment schematics, while you may find reference to these on-line, implementation of paid parking is as found on this page and not the prior planning efforts.  Future revisions to pricing , locations and policies may occur, but will be updated here and have a public process prior to implementation.

Art: Seyed Alevi has created iconic imagery for the City of Emeryville in his work Sign of the Times – installed on the Emeryville utility boxes for more information on these images see here.  Janet Le for the City Of Emeryville has created the imagery on these pages with Mr. Alavi’s art  to associate the parking program in Emeryville with recognizable iconography of Emeryville’s streetscape.  

ACTC logo

Funding: Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) funded the North Hollis and Triangle Paid Parking Pilot with Measure B, a countywide sales tax funding a wide array of transportation projects. Local matching funds from the City, contributed to the project as well.  More information about the ACTC and Measure B can be found here