Food Truck Permit

The Emeryville Police Department issues operating permits for Food Trucks. As of February 1, 2009, any trucks operating without a permit will be cited.

Process Overview

  1. Obtain a County Health Permit from:
         The Alameda County Department of Environmental Health
         1131 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda
    Please note that this permit comes with a fee; access more information here.
  2. Obtain a business license, submit the Food Truck Application Form, and pay the Annual Food Truck Permit Fee at:
         The Emeryville Cashier Counter
         1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville
         Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Please note that the fee is due before the application can be processed and is non-refundable. Payment by cash, check, or card.
  3. After submitting your Food Truck Application Form, contact the Traffic Division of the Emeryville Police Department at 510.596.3700 and make an appointment for the vehicle inspection.
  4. Operational permits will be issued depending upon the outcome of the inspection. These permits are numbered and are issued to the truck(s) reviewed during the inspection. The permit must be placed in a conspicuous area of the vehicle where it can be plainly seen by Police officers.

Required Documents

The following documents are required as part of your Food Truck Application:
  • Business License
  • Payment of Annual Food Truck Permit Fee
  • Vehicle registration(s)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Seller's Permit (Business Tax Certificate)
  • Any permits from other cities
  • Desired location of business
  • Alameda County Health Permit

License Fees

All fees must be processed through the Cashier Desk, 1333 Park Ave, Emeryville. Please note that fees are effective 7/1/2022 and are subject to change; you are responsible for double checking the amount on Emeryville’s Master Fee Schedule. Payment by cash, check, or card.
  • Business License Fee: The business license permit fee is $59 plus a quarterly fee of $74
  • Annual Food Truck Permit Fee: $332
  • County Health Permit Fee: this fee is not paid through the City of Emeryville. Please visit Alameda County’s Food Truck website to learn more.

For more information regarding the ordinances governing food trucks, please see the Sidewalk and Street Vendors Ordinance.

Any questions? Contact Sgt. Andrew Cassianos by email at or phone at (510) 596-3731.