Emeryville's Carbon Footprint

Consumption-Based Greenhouse Gas Inventory

A joint study between University of California Berkeley’s CoolClimate Network and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) was released in December 2015, analyzing the Bay Area’s carbon emissions. Using census blocks and a consumption-based methodology, the study takes into account household-level energy use, transportation, food, goods, services, construction, water, and waste. The study found that Emeryville has the lowest per-household carbon footprint in the Bay Area, 30.41 metric tons of CO2 equivalent gases per year. The carbon footprint of the average San Francisco Bay Area household was 44.3 metric tons of CO2e.


CoolClimate CBEI Bay Area Map 2015

  The SF Bay Area Carbon Footprint Map 


Per-Household Carbon Footprints in Alameda County (tons CO2e/household):   

  1. Emeryville: 30.41
  2. Oakland: 36.84
  3. San Leandro: 38.22
  4. Berkeley: 38.63
  5. Alameda: 40.13
  6. San Lorenzo: 40.77
  7. Albany: 40.95
  8. Hayward: 41.64
  9. Castro Valley: 46.24
  10. Newark: 46.75
  11. Union City: 48.07
  12. Fremont: 49.69
  13. Livermore: 49.78
  14. Dublin: 50.95
  15. Pleasanton: 54.69

Emeryville’s Carbon Footprint in 2015

No. of Households: 15,010

Emeryville’s Total Emissions: 456,405 tons CO2e

Per-Household Carbon Footprint: 30.41 tons CO2e


Emeryville CBEI footprint pie graph 2015 corrected

Pie Chart of Emeryville's Carbon Footprint 2015 (Image Credit to Rob at Emeryville Evil Eye)

To learn more about the study, check out the inventory and use the household or business carbon footprint calculator to find out how you can reduce your footprint at CoolClimate