REV Sustainability Circle

City of Emeryville Reaps Rewards Through REV Sustainability Circle® Program


REV Circle Certificate Presentation 2016

 The City of Emeryville receives their certificate of completion from Dianne Martinez, Mayor of Emeryville.

Emeryville, CA. Having recently completed a Sustainability Circle® program along with nine other organizations in the East Bay, the City of Emeryville is pleased to report that they have already achieved positive business outcomes and are now better positioned to reap longer-term benefits from their sustainability initiatives. The program was developed and is facilitated by REV, a California-based sustainability education and training firm.

"The program was a very powerful peer-to-peer learning experience around sustainability,” says Hoi-Fei Mok, CivicSpark Fellow working on climate and sustainability efforts with the City of Emeryville. “We were able to share our organizational challenges and goals, and work with other agencies and businesses to develop better ways to tackle challenges and meet our goals.  By the end of the six months, not only did we gain applicable hands-on sustainability knowledge, but we also developed a full-fledged Sustainability Action Plan for the city.” 

A REV Sustainability Circle® is a comprehensive six-month peer-learning program that empowers businesses, municipalities, and institutions to improve the way they do business by helping embed sustainable practices across the organization. The outcome is an action- and results-driven customized five-year Sustainability Action Plan that makes the business case for implementing both large and small-scale initiatives in energy efficiency, resource savings, employee engagement, and more.

The City of Emeryville initially joined the Sustainability Circle with the goal of creating a formal Sustainability Action Plan and undertaking new environmental sustainability initiatives. The program provided essential insights on strategies to change employee behavior along with technical expertise on HVAC systems, waste, and other sectors. As a result the City of Emeryville has already taken concrete steps toward new and enhanced sustainability efforts,  including creating a climate resilient street tree policy, developing environmentally preferable purchasing policies, planning to install EV charging stations, and implementing a Clipper card check-out system for employees’ work trips as an alternative to driving.

Explains REV founder and CEO Elliot Hoffman, “It’s exciting for us to work with forward-thinking organizations like the City of Emeryville who recognize that thriving in a competitive market requires ingenuity, solid brand reputation, and sound business practices that nourish the company, the community, and the environment. We’re proud that they chose REV to help them meet their sustainability goals.”

About REV

 REV integrates the best of sustainability with behavior change to accelerate business impact. By connecting people, expert resources, knowledge, and new and innovative thinking — in the context of peer-learning Sustainability Circles® — REV empowers businesses, municipalities, and institutions to co-create positive change in their organizations and broader community.

More information can be found at REV Sustainability. Check out more photos from the East Bay Circle’s final program session at the REV blog

Download the City Sustainability Action Plan

  1. Emeryville REV Sustainability Action Plan Initiatives March 2016
  2. Emeryville REV Sustainability Action Plan presentation March 2016