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Call for Community Grant Applications Visual Arts Pilot

Community Promotions Grant Program
Funding Year 2021-2022
Including Visual Arts Grant Pilot in 2022

The City of Emeryville is pleased to announce the Annual Grant Program awards for Funding Year 2021-2022 and a pilot Visual Arts Grant. Each year the Community Grant awards are made to eligible arts and culture organizations and individuals to fund diverse programming that benefits the greater Emeryville community. All applications are reviewed by a subcommittee comprised of 2 members from the Public Art Committee, 2 members from the Parks and Recreation Committee and one Community Services Staff member. Recommendations for the grants are then submitted to the Emeryville City Council for final approval. Visual Art Grants will be limited to organizations and individuals with a sponsoring non-profit agency who will create and install a permanent or semi-permanent visual artwork in Emeryville.

These grants support the creative life of Emeryville. The Program expands public access to visual and supportive arts in our community by supporting the work of the individual artist or organizations.

he City welcomes applications from a variety of nonprofit organizations or individuals or organizations that obtain a fiscal agent sponsor. Previous grants have been awarded to community service providers and groups that are associated with arts, youth, seniors, and special event programs.

The City of Emeryville encourages these organizations or individuals to apply for grants up to $10,000.

For more information and to discuss the project and confirm eligibility call Pedro Jimenez, Community Service Director, at 510-450-7813.

Visual Arts Pilot

Community Grant Proposed Budget Worksheet
Community Grant Budget Summary Final Report Worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Grant Program (CGP)?

The Community Grant Program is funded by the City of Emeryville. Each year grants will be awarded to eligible arts and cultural organizations and individuals to fund diverse programming and projects that benefits the greater Emeryville community. These grants shall support the creative life of Emeryville and expands public access to visual and performing arts in our community by supporting the work of the individual artist or artists’ teams.

Who can apply for a Community Grant and how much can I apply for? 

A person or organization must be a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit, or be sponsored by a fiscal agent. Grant will be awarded up to      $10,000 per application.

What is a Fiscal Agent?

A fiscal agent holds a 501(c)3 non-profit status and sponsors a non-exempt person or organization by providing a pass-through for funds for the grant project.

Can I apply if I do not live in Emeryville?

Yes, but the project/program must be for the Emeryville community and be held or completed in Emeryville.

How will I know when the Community Grant Program is available?

Prior applicants who have received grants from the City prior or who have expressed interest in the program will be notified. There will also be a public call for applicants. The information will be published on the City website, in the City Activity Guide and will also be advertised through social media.

Can I Apply for More than One Grant?

Yes, but you must provide separate applications for each program or project.

Can I receive more than one Community Grant?

No, only one Community Grant can be awarded per person or organization, per year. Recipients of Community Grants may be awarded to a person organization receiving a Visual Arts grants under the Pilot if the award is for a project element not covered in the Community Grant

What types of Program or Projects Are Allowed?

Examples of past funding have included $22,500 to Kala Arts Institute for art programs for the Community Services afterschool program, $2,500 to Friends of the Golden Gate Library for a Jazz Concert in Doyle Hollis Park, $4,500 to Nancy Karp+Dancers, to fund dance programs, and $7,200 to the 45th Street Artists’ Cooperative for the Emeryville Youth Art Program. Programs can also be provided in the Emery Unified School District (EUSD) but must be approved by the EUSD Superintendent and applications must include a letter from the Superintendent supporting the program or project.  Visual Arts Grants can only be awarded to a person or organization that will be installing a permanent or semi- permanent artwork (e.g. a mural with access agreement with limited term). 

How will applicants be assessed?

Following the closing date, applicants will be assessed by a Committee comprised of 2 Members of the Parks and Recreation Committee, 2 members of the Public Art Committee (PAC) and one Community Services staff member. Applicants will provide a brief overview of their project to the Committee. After the Committee makes their decision, they will forward their recommendations to the City Council for final approval and all grantees will be notified by the Community Services Department. Visual Arts Grant Award recommendations will also be reviewed by the PAC, prior to consideration by the City Council. 

What is the CGP timeline? / Visual Arts Grant timeline?

The timeline is as follows:  
 Task  Community Grants  Visual Arts Pilot
Local Advertising and Promotion of Grants Program November 1, 2021  March 15,2022
Closing Date for Applications December 30, 2021
 May 1, 2022
Applications Assessed Mid-January 2022
 Mid May 2022
 Public Art Committee Review  NA  June 9, 2022
Recommendations to City Council March 1, 2022  July 5, 2022
Funding Received by Successful Applicants April 2022
 August 2022
Program Completed By November 30, 2022
 July 2023
Close Out Report Completed and Submitted December 15, 2022
 August 15, 2023

What is the Closing Process?

The applicant will need to complete the forms which will be provided in the application packet and submit to the Community Services Department for the Committee’s review.

Who shall I contact if I have questions about the Program?
You can contact the Community Services Department 4727 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville. Contact Pedro Jimenez, Community Service Director, at 510-450-7813. Questions regarding the Pilot for Visual Arts Grants can be directed to Amber Evans, Public Art Coordinator or 510-596-4382