Emeryville California
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Additional Services
Additional services at the Emeryville Child Development Center help promote the children’s total well being that are provided free as part of our programs. These services currently include:
  • Meal Program: A healthy, nutritious, and age-appropriate lunch and snacks are provided everyday through the help of our nutritional staff.  
  • Bi-Annual Assessments: Bi-annual assessments and monthly observations are completed by certified caregivers to help convey the progress of each child to their families in all development areas. 
  • Health Services: Vision and hearing testing, as well as dental screening, are part of the Center’s annual health check-ups for our little ones.
  • Inter-Agency Collaborations:  The Center works with other State, County, and Non-Profit Agencies to provide referrals and support for additional care/special services.
  • Parent Workshops:  The Center offers Parent Workshops based on the needs identified by parents.  Past workshops included identifying speech disorders and parenting tips/tricks.


City of Emeryville, 1333 Park Avenue  Emeryville, California 94608 • Ph: (510) 596-4300 • Fx: (510) 658-8095