Youth Enrichment Programs

youth enrichment

Parent's Night Out

Enjoy an evening at the movies, a candle lit dinner, or a drink at the local bar while your child spends an evening with certified recreation leaders from the Emeryville Recreation Center. Leaders will engage students into a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, food crafts, music and movement, and much more fun and games. Dinner is provided for each participant (dinner may vary per session, please let us know if your child has any food allergies). 


Sport Programs

Emeryville Youth Basketball

Emeryville Micro Soccer

Program Mission
To develop soccer skills, sportsmanship, team building and having fun.  This is a non-competitive league, where the emphasis will be on individual and team improvement versus winning. Teams will focus on passing, player development, technical and tactical knowledge and apply it to games.

Expectations of Parents/ Families
We are keeping very short rosters it is very important that participants are in attendance at as many games as possible. We ask parents to encourage their child, cheering them on by acknowledging their skills, (i.e. nice pass, nice shot, nice turn, good try)

Martial Arts

Kajukenbo Kung Fu

Kajukenbo Kung Fu is an electic, modern martial art founded in Hawaii in 1947. Kajukenbo was created as a new fighting system that emphasized effective skills for self defense within the framework of graceful and powerful movement. Kajukenbo classes at the Senior Center welcome everyone from brand new beginners through black belts. 


Capoeira (capo-AYE-rah) is an AfroBrazilian martial art that combines music, dance, acrobatics and selfdefense. Due to its African roots, music and songs accompanied by percussion are an integral part of each class. Capoeira gives you power, flexibility, endurance and allows for self-discovery that builds your self-confidence. The challenge is within anyone’s reach regardless of age, gender or athletic experience. Classes are available for kids ages 5-7 (capo-kids), 7-12 (young warriors) and teens/adults in the regular capoeira class. Visit Malandro’s website at for more information about Capoeira. 

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a history of the martial arts that originated in Korea. The knowledge of the founders of the art extends not only in the past but make us aware of the present as well as preparing for the future of how life was in the ancient times and how some of those lessons in the past help us in the present and future. The values and disciplines in Tae Kwon Do, extend from the training hall to our communities. The respect of learning your capabilities makes you aware of the disadvantages that our communities face every day.