Who Can Enroll

Child Care Programs
The Emeryville Child Development Center is enrolling any and all families throughout the Bay Area into it's market-rate and subsidized child care programs!

Market-Rate Programs
For our "market-rate" programs, we typically see more demand than space available in the infant and toddler care rooms, so a priority system has been established for accepting new families that balance the needs of the community. The priority order for the market-rate program is as follows:
  1. Families who live in Emeryville;
  2. Families whose parents work in Emeryville;
  3. Families who live in the greater 94608 zip code area of Oakland (neighborhoods surrounding Emeryville);
  4. Families from throughout the Bay Area
Note: Verification of residence or employment in Emeryville or 94608 Oakland is required when seeking a priority enrollment at the Center. For more information on the market-rate programs and the priority system, please email the center or call us at 510-596-4343.

Subsidized Programs
For our "subsidized" program spaces in the Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3-5) rooms, their is no priority system and these spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. For more information on the subsidized program, contact Subsidy Program Specialist Angela Williams at or 510-596-4347

Spaces are limited and some ages may not have openings, but a waiting list is available for interested families.