Educational Program

High Scope Curriculum
The Emeryville Child Development Center implements a comprehensive educational program which uses ‘High Scope Curriculum’.

How It Works
High Scope allows children to plan their work for the day, carry it through, and when completed, the children review the work they have done. Children learn skills which aid in problem solving and conflict management techniques through High Scope. Daily schedules also include activities in art, music, dance, dramatic play, science, math, blocks and manipulative play. Field trips, Spanish lessons, learning themes, science projects, celebrations of cultural events, water familiarization programs, library programs, and yearly school photos are also part of the experience at the Center.

Caregiver-to-Child Ratios
The center features age appropriate programs with some of the best caregiver-to-child ratios anywhere in the Bay Area. The available programs (and ratios) are: Infant (1:3), Younger Toddler (1:4), Older Toddler (1:6) and Pre-K (1:8).

Kinder Kamp
In addition to the programs above, the center offers a ‘Kinder Kamp’ each summer for children about to embark on their transition to Kindergarten. For more information, call the center at 510-596-4343.