Rehabilitation Programs

Improving Property Values
The City of Emeryville's housing rehabilitation program allows property owners to improve their property values at low or no cost to the owner, while benefiting their neighbors and the rest of the community. The programs are administered by Alameda County. Funding for the programs come from a variety of sources, including the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program, and other State and Federal funds as they become available.

Income Limits
The city's Housing Rehabilitation Programs offer grants and loans to low income homeowners in the City of Emeryville. All loan payments are recycled back into the program, available to make additional grants and loans.

All of the program funds are available to low income households as defined below.

Maximum Allowable Household Incomes (2015)
Low Income $50,150

*Household income is based on all persons over the age of 18 years of age residing in the same household that received an income.

If you would like more information about these programs click here. These programs are available only to properties in the City of Emeryville.