Affordable Rental Housing

Steps to Finding Affordable Rental Housing in Emeryville

Step 1

Consult the Information Packet (PDF), which provides location, unit information, and contact numbers for current rental residential developments.

Step 2

Call the rental residential locations found in the Information Packet with designated Below-Market-Rate (BMR) units. Add your name to the wait list, if applicable. Follow up occasionally to check on vacancies.

Update (09.21.2020)
Courtyards at 65TH Street has 1 & 2 Bedroom BMR Units available for rent. For additional information on how to apply, please here.

Step 3

For more information, review the suggested community housing resources, found in the Information Packet.

Step 4

Add your name to the BMR notification list for new BMR rental units. New Housing Notification List When a new development with BMR units opens, you will receive a mailing that provides information about the development and the application process for the BMRs in that project.


Please note the following:
  • The notification list is not a waiting list or priority list.
  • You must participate in the application process for each new project in order to be considered for a BMR in that project. BMR opportunities are limited, and there are typically more applications for each project than there are BMR units available. Usually a lottery is held for each BMR project to determine the order in which applications will be processed.
  • You do not need to call the city for updates on BMR projects or to see if you are still on the notification list. Approximately 1 BMR project is completed in Emeryville each year, so it may be a long time between BMR notifications. You will not be removed from the notification list unless you request removal or your mailing address is no longer current. It is your responsibility to notify the city of any changes in your address for the notification list.
If you have further questions not answered in the information packet, please email us.

Alameda County Housing Portal

The City of Emeryville is pleased to share a new resource for finding affordable housing opportunities across Alameda County called the Alameda County Housing Portal. The County’s in-progress website will ultimately serve as both a one-stop-shop for affordable rental housing and include a common short form application to make your experience of applying for housing easier. Please continue to check the website for available housing opportunities and take a moment to share your feedback with us here.