Public Works

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The Public Works Department is responsible for designing, inspecting, and managing the City Capital Improvement Projects, including: 

  • City parks
  • Sidewalk and street construction / reconstruction
  • Street lights
  • Storm drains and sewer
  • Traffic signals

Current Projects

PG&E Strength Testing

PG&E will be testing the strength of underground natural gas transmission pipeline through July 2019 in Emeryville. Gas service will not be interrupted, but some roads may close. It is normal to smell gas during testing, but please call 1-800-743-5000 with any concerns.

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Upcoming Construction Projects

South Bayfront Bridge/Horton Landing Park

See here for more information

Annual Street Rehab and Preventative Maintence Project (FY 2019/2020)

Preventive maintenance of streets is required on a regular basis to extend the life of streets and to provide a quality riding surface for all modes of travel. The Capital Improvement Program adopted in June 2019 includes funding for the ongoing Annual Street Rehabilitation/Preventive Maintenance Program, CIP Project No. 17240005.

This project will consist of rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of City streets including pothole/base repairs, crack sealing, slurry seals, and pavement overlays. Rehabilitation and maintenance work on public streets need to be coordinated with other City projects, utility company excavations and private development projects on a cycle that sustains a high Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for all City streets.

The streets to be rehabilitated were identified as needing rehabilitation in the Pavement Management Program Budget report prepared as part of MTC’s Technical Assistance Program P-TAP in Dec. 2017. This project includes work on the following streets:

  • 37th Street (San Pablo Avenue – City Limits)
  • 47th Street (Doyle Street – San Pablo Avenue)
  • 53rd Street (Hollis Street – San Pablo Avenue)
  • 59th Street (Horton Street – Peladeau Street)
  • 62nd Street (Overland Avenue – Vallejo Street)
  • 63rd Street (Overland Avenue – Vallejo Street)
  • Doyle Street (Ocean Avenue – Powell Street)
  • Halleck Street (Sherwin Avenue - City Limits)
  • Horton Street (59th Street – 62nd Street)
  • Overland Avenue (62nd Street – 65th Street)
  • Peladeau Street (59th Street – Powell Street)
  • Vallejo Street (Peabody Lane – Ocean Avenue)
  • Yerba Buena Avenue (Adeline Street – City Limits)

The project will include improved striping configurations for the bicycle facilities on 59th Street, 53rd Street, 59th Street, 62nd Street, 63rd Street, Doyle Street, Halleck Street, Horton Street, and Overland Street. The new striping improvements will include, but are not limited to, re-configuration of bicycle lane transitions at intersections, buffered bicycle lanes, green thermoplastic bicycle facilities, and improved pavement markings for Class 2 and 3 bicycle facilities. Every crosswalk that is re-surfaced in the project areas will be re-striped as a continental crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety.

The project will include sidewalk and curb ramp improvements/repairs for areas that have been identified as being deficient for ADA accessibility.

The project improvements will also include the closure of vehicular traffic on Doyle Street between 61st and 62nd Street. Bollards, striping, and other features will be added to the small block segment to provide a safe route for bicycles and pedestrians only. This new condition was a recommended item from the ‘Bicycle and Pedestrian’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ Advisory Committees. The item was also approved and recommended by the Public Works and Transportation Committee to go to City Council for final approval.

2019-2020 Paving Map

Completed Construction Projects

Annual Street Rehab Project (2018)

Approximately one-third of all City streets were slurry sealed or repaved to improve and maintain pavement quality. See here for map of streets improves

Horton Street Trial Traffic Calming Project

This project constructed temporary traffic calming measures and evaluated their effectiveness Location: Horton Street between 45th and 53rd Streets link to site plan.
Scope: Install temporary speed bumps, signage and striping  
Contractor: Chrisp Company website
City Project Manager: Michael Roberts, Senior Civil Engineer